Monday, April 2, 2012

He Loves Me Not Nails

Spring is FINALLY in the air! Today it was very nice and sunny, and I wanted to do something bright and springy. There's always those movies (and don't lie--we've all done it at some point), where the main girl picks up a daisy and plucks the petals off muttering 'He loves me...' then 'He loves me not...' Rumor has it is that when you have plucked every petal and you are left with only the stem, that is how your man feels about you. He loves you or he loves you not. All according to a daisy. Who comes up with this? Anyways, I started with a baby blue, painted the white on with a little brush, used a bobby pin to make the yellow dots, and outlined everything in black. After using a tooth pick to write the words, I looked at my nails and they looked bland. So I added the red hearts and outlined them in black, too. Perfect!

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