Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Sparkle Nails

My nails broke, so I am limited to doing short nail designs for a little bit! But that's a good opportunity for me to show designs that my friends and family can do who don't have strong nails. This one is VERY do-able. A boy could probably do it. All it is is a pearl colored base coat with a sparkly color (mine is from OPI) painted two-thirds of the way down the nail. To make it look a little faded, I did a thin coat down to the two-thirds mark then did a few more layers, each one getting closer and closer to the tip. It's definitely not as intricate as I usually do, but I'm digging it! It'll be nice to have short, simple nails for a little bit :) Try this one out; it's really easy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Space Nails

This picture doesn't do this design much justice. The glare doesn't let the true colors shine through! In real life, they're even moore gorgeous, just take my word for it ;) I've seen a couple of these designs online and my mom has been bothering me to do them, and I finally got the perfect colors to do it! I started with a black base color then used a make up foam thing to smudge some white nail polish on in a swirling fashion, just so that the other colors that weren't quite as dark as the black would show through. Next, I used a new color by Orly that looks like a space color (there's really no other way to describe it), metallic brown, pink, blue, and olive. Then I used my bobby pins and some silver to make a couple stars here and there. To finish it off I did a sparkly top coat called Northern Lights (could it be any more perfect?) and there was perfection!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Nails

Happy Easter, everybody! Easter, besides reminding me of Jesus, reminds me of eggs and little chicks. So that's what I painted! Whenever the fam and I dye eggs we always do pastel colors (and so does everyone else), so I picked out all my pastel colors and got started. I did French tips with all of the colors besides yellow, as you can see. Again, to do French tip, all you have to do is paint the color half way down your nail, wait for it to dry, then use an eye shadow make-up brush dipped in 100% acetone then wipe it off to the desired place. Easy as pie! Then for the lil' chick I used a toothpick to make a little zig zag border then I just used the regular brush to fill it in. To finish it off, I used a toothpick to make the beak and bobby pins to make the eyes. And of course, you ALWAYS put top coat on French tips, otherwise it looks really dumb. Keep it classy and put some top coat on!

Monday, April 2, 2012

He Loves Me Not Nails

Spring is FINALLY in the air! Today it was very nice and sunny, and I wanted to do something bright and springy. There's always those movies (and don't lie--we've all done it at some point), where the main girl picks up a daisy and plucks the petals off muttering 'He loves me...' then 'He loves me not...' Rumor has it is that when you have plucked every petal and you are left with only the stem, that is how your man feels about you. He loves you or he loves you not. All according to a daisy. Who comes up with this? Anyways, I started with a baby blue, painted the white on with a little brush, used a bobby pin to make the yellow dots, and outlined everything in black. After using a tooth pick to write the words, I looked at my nails and they looked bland. So I added the red hearts and outlined them in black, too. Perfect!