Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chemistry-Valentine Nails

As much as I love these nails, I did not do them by choice. Well, I did, but I mostly did them because I'm getting extra credit in my chemistry class (shout out to Mr. Hanson). And, well, I'd be lying if I said I loved them. But hey, anything for extra credit. The thumb is a love potion, the index is an atom with a heart in the middle, the middle and pinky are Sweethearts that say U Ar CuTe and I Lv U (all using elemental symbols... I thought that was clever), and the ringfinger is a bond (that doesn't exist--it just looks like a heart).
On another note...
My views on Valentine's Day:

Shout out to all my single-people homedogs. It's just a great day to complain and eat chocolate without getting crap for it!! Enjoy it while you can.
My views on science:

I made my sister float. I win, you lose.
So, suck on that.