Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Minnie Mouse Nails

Happy Halloween, everyone! I went as Mini Mouse this year (and YES, I went trick-or-treating, and I'm almost 17...), and I hung out with my friend Kelli who was a cat! It was a pretty fun night just walking around getting free candy. And it wasn't too cold, even though it was raining :) To do these nails, I just did a base red (pink would be cute, too) then used a bobby pin to dot the white on. After that, I used a toothpick to draw little black bows, then finished it off with a sparkly top coat! They look good with just regular top coat, as well. Not including dry time, these probably took me twenty minutes, tops. They are so quick and easy to do!

This is me in my costume, nails included :) I had a red jacket as well, it was just too warm inside to wear it.

PS: I'm sorry for the lack of nail designs these past couple months. I am having a ton of problems keeping my epilepsy under control, and I don't have very steady hands anymore. I will keep you all posted with how that is all going (through nail designs, of course!) and I could definitely use some thoughts and prayers :) Thanks guys!

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