Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tips For Strong, Healthy Nails

Most of the time, the key to healthy nails is good genetics. But there's still some things you can do to make your nails as strong and healthy as you possibly can!

  1. To grow your nails out without them chipping away, use a nail file, not a nail clipper. It's kind of like trimming your hair; you take a little bit off so that the dead ends are gone but you still have the length. There are two different ways you can file your nails: straight or curved. I prefer straight because it's more modern and it works with more designs.
  2. Moisturize your nails. I put moisturizer on every night, so now I just make sure to get some onto my nail beds, especially my cuticles. Your nails need moisture just like your skin does, you just don't realize it.
  3. After taking off nail polish with nail polish remover, clean your hand/nails with soap and water. The chemicals are really damaging and you want to get it off as soon as possible. After, you probably would want to put some moisturizer on, too.
  4. Don't paint your nails more than once a month. I obviously don't do that, but I guess my nails are strong enough to handle it. But if you have weaker nails, definitely stay away from painting them too often.
See, it is possible to have stronger, healthier nails, and it doesn't cost much at all :)

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